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Volunteer Policy

1. Organisation overview:

Powering Futures is dedicated to fostering sustainability and economic prosperity for future generations. Our mission involves engaging the Next Generation through a systematic problem-solving programme, collaborating with schools, colleges, and businesses. By inviting teams of students, apprentices, and graduates to tackle industry challenges related to sustainability, we cultivate a pipeline of talented, sustainability-minded problem-solvers to support businesses transitioning to Net Zero.

2. Volunteering goals and objectives:

Our volunteering program aims to provide invaluable support to pupils participating in SCQF Level 6 Power Futures Change courses, thus bridging the gap between businesses and education.

3. Types of volunteering opportunities:

Powering Futures offers two distinct volunteer roles: “Schools Volunteer” and “Judge”. These roles are currently available in schools offering the Challenge programme as a course option. Schools Volunteers engage with students during designated sessions, following a structured class plan provided by Powering Futures. Judges participate in panels of three to evaluate and provide feedback on participants’ final presentations.

4. Recruitment and selection:

Interested individuals should express their desire to volunteer to a Powering Futures representative. Following this, a conversation will be held to explore roles and assess suitability. All applicants must read, agree, and sign a disclaimer confirming their right to volunteer and their adherence to classroom supervision guidelines.

5. Training and orientation:

Prior to their engagement, volunteers will receive specific information detailing their roles and responsibilities, which they must review and comprehend before participating.

6. Volunteer rights and responsibilities:

Volunteers have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect, fairness, and professionalism.
  • Seek clarification and support regarding their roles.
  • Participate in an inclusive and supportive environment.
  • Discontinue their volunteer commitment upon giving appropriate notice.

Volunteers are responsible for:

  • Abiding by Powering Futures policies and guidelines.
  • Respecting the educational setting and teacher authority.
  • Maintaining punctuality and professionalism during interactions.
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality of all involved parties.
  • Providing constructive feedback and contributing positively to the program.

7. Supervision and support:

For the safety of all parties involved, volunteers are never to be left alone in a classroom. A supervising teacher must always be present. Powering Futures staff, notably the Community Manager, Ellen Milne, will be available to address any questions or concerns.

8. Time commitment and scheduling:

The time commitment for volunteer roles may vary and will be discussed with volunteers to ensure alignment with their availability and the programme requirements.

9. Health and safety:

Powering Futures is unwaveringly committed to the health and safety of all volunteers, students, and staff. Our policies and practices prioritise creating a secure environment. Volunteers are expected to adhere to all safety protocols, including those set forth by the educational institution.

10. Confidentiality and data privacy:

Maintaining confidentiality is essential. Volunteers must not share any sensitive information discussed or encountered during their interactions with students. Respecting data privacy is equally critical; volunteers must not collect, share, or use personal data without proper authorisation.

11. Termination and exit procedures:

Volunteers seeking to conclude their involvement with Powering Futures should initiate communication with a member of the organisation to facilitate a smooth exit process.

12. Legal and ethical considerations:

All volunteers must possess the legal right to volunteer within the United Kingdom.

13. Communication channels:

For all volunteering-related matters, volunteers should communicate with Ellen Milne, Powering Futures’ Community Manager, via email at ellen@poweringfutures.com.

This Volunteer Policy serves as a guideline for individuals joining the Powering Futures’ volunteering programme. It outlines roles, responsibilities, safety measures, and communication channels to ensure a positive and impactful experience for both volunteers and the students we serve. By adhering to these principles, we collectively contribute to our mission of fostering sustainability and supporting future generations.

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